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Idogawa Software: Streamlining processes and boosting productivity with custom software solutions

Miyazaki, Japan - June 27, 2023 - Idogawa Software, a leading software development firm specializing in custom software solutions, announces its commitment to streamlining processes and boosting productivity for clients through its subscription model.

Under the leadership of Andi Idogawa, a seasoned software developer with over 16 years of experience, Idogawa Software has been at the forefront of bringing clients’ software visions to life since 2019. With a focus on web development, webshops, and custom software, the company has built a reputation for delivering exceptional results.

Idogawa Software is proud to introduce its subscription model, designed to eliminate the hassle of waiting for budget approvals and accelerate project kickstart. By operating on a subscription basis, the company can dive right into bringing clients’ software visions to life without unnecessary delays. Key features of the subscription model include:

  1. Flat monthly fee: Instead of reviewing bills, clients pay a flat fee every month, providing budget certainty and ease of financial management.

  2. Efficient resource allocation: Developer resources are allocated efficiently among clients, ensuring a prompt start to projects without the need to wait for budget approval.

  3. Project priority: Every project is treated as a top priority, ensuring a dedicated focus on delivering results and exceeding clients’ expectations.

  4. Flexibility and cancellation: Clients have the freedom to cancel their subscription each month before the deadline and resubscribe without any hard feelings. Turning off auto-renewal is also an option.

  5. Transparent charging process: Clients are contacted after their first order before their card is charged, ensuring a transparent and seamless payment process.

Idogawa Software recognizes that client needs may extend beyond project completion. Therefore, the company offers maintenance-only pricing to keep projects running smoothly once they are finished.

With a diverse portfolio of successful projects, Idogawa Software has proven its expertise across various industries and markets. The company’s offerings include self-service billing systems, course booking software, directory solutions, employee time sheets, webshops, EDI solutions, connectors, and more. In addition, Idogawa Software specializes in digital transformation consulting, web application development, intercultural communication, multilanguage websites, cybersecurity, and software development using PHP, Ruby, C#, HTML, CSS, and SQL.

As part of its commitment to client success, Idogawa Software works closely with trusted partners, such as CS-Computing GmbH, to deliver tailored solutions that meet specific business requirements.

For further information, visit Idogawa Software’s open portfolio, explore the Idogawa.dev blog posts, or contact the company directly at web@idogawa.com.

About Idogawa Software:
Idogawa Software is a one-man software development firm based in Miyazaki, Japan. With a strong focus on problem-solving, the company leverages technology to streamline processes and boost productivity for clients in Japan and Switzerland.

Andi Idogawa
Founder and Software Developer
Idogawa Software
Email: web@idogawa.com
Website: www.idogawa.com