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I'm Andi Idogawa. Welcome to Idogawa AI Agency!
I'm an AI specialist, who builds intelligent systems, automated web services and bespoke AI software.
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AI Transformation Consulting

Our solutions include AI-driven billing systems for Swiss voice actors, AI-powered course booking software, intelligent directory services, AI-enhanced timesheets, various fully customized multilanguage and multicountry online stores leveraging AI for recommendations, and connectors from web systems to accounting software using AI for data processing.

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Customer Testimonials

“Andi made a custom VSCode extension for me and it works great. He was easy to work with and responded quickly to feedback.”


Open Portfolio

Creating a webshop for a sugar refinery with user designs

Photo of the product on a truck carrying sugar on the highway.

I created a custom web shop from scratch that is multilingual and fully adapted to the swiss market. It contained a design tool that let users print their design on a small sugar sachet. I collaborated with the printing company in order to automatically create and send suitable PDFs to the printing machine. I also implemented and partially designed the multilingual responsive website of the company using a user friendly CMS.

Technologies: PHP, ruby, Slim framework, JavaScript, fabric.js, pouchdb


Service Provider Directory of Association K.

Association K consists of many small service providers. In order to show those to clients of K, I added a service provider directory to the website I created. Employees of K can easily add new service providers to the directory through their accounting software, which is also synchronized with the corresponding web shop. All pages can easily be edited in the CMS through employees of K.

Not shown is a separate application, which lists specialized services providers of K.

service directory

Ocran Library for Ruby

A fork of the popular ocra gem to pack Ruby and your source code into an .exe file to distribute your code to windows users. Forked to support Ruby 2.6 and newer.

see published gems here: https://rubygems.org/profiles/largo

Ocran Library for Ruby

Software developed to help with Psychometric Study Data collection

A software for a local university to help with collection of psychometric data. Python is used together with VLC. Using python installer, the software is distributed to Windows, Mac and Linux users. The software exports data to an excel sheet.

psychometric study

Multilingual Webshop of Company K

This custom multilingual webshop is completely synchronized with the clients accounting software through my connection tool written in Ruby. The shop supports variants, such as different clothing sizes, and accessories to products.

multilingual webshop

Website and Webshop of Company P, which makes testing products

Created a highly customized webshop according to the clients requirement of selecting similar products by tags. The clients article data is coming directly out of their accounting software, so there is no need to manage the webshop. All orders are read back into the accounting software as well. The webshop is multilanguage and comes with a website using a single design template, which I implemented from mockups from our designer

website and webshop



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Idogawa Consulting is a one-man development firm based in Miyazaki, Japan.
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